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Kambo Ceremony

Kambo relieves and reveals the body’s natural ability to thrive.

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Service Description

Kambo, also known as the Giant Monkey Tree Frog or Phylomedusa bicolor, is an amazonian frog that has been used for thousands of years to heal a broad spectrum of illnesses. Traditionally, tribes people treat infections, snake bites, and malaria with Kambo and also use it for hunting, strength, stamina and removal of ‘panema,’ or bad luck. Over the last several decades, this amazonian amphibian has become more widely recognized for its incredible healing potential. Pharmaceutical companies are actively studying the frog’s secretion in the hopes of making medical breakthroughs. Anthropologists have been scrambling to document its origins and traditional uses. Practitioners have taken the medicine out of the jungle and into the lives of the mainstream public. The momentum is clear: Kambo is spreading across the globe and we ought to prepare ourselves for its arrival. Group sessions: $150 (You will pay a $75 deposit and bring the rest to the ceremony) Private basic treatments are: $397 Private targeted treatments including a consultation: $497 Learn More and Sign Up: Website Phone Number Rainbow Dreamer 541-410-8301 Email Register for an Upcoming Session

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Please consider your magician's time and contact them 24 hours in advance to change or cancel an appointment.

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