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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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YeeeHaaaw! We've got the electric Emery on deck this Tuesday. Bring those body smiles, she's calling her set: The Diaphanous Summertime Belly-Tickle

She shares this bit of poetry to set the stage:

my mind melted in a brilliant wayside pond dimpled with blackberry thorns as we sprawled

on a shade of blanket, and the naked glow of morning slunk across my face: a mask of questions and mysteries, restless ocean-born emotions.

In a moment, I tipped an ear, the meticulous body of an arachnoid alien fell out in the grass,


Before it was afternoon, it was noon,

and in conversation-staggered movements, we drank soda from a can of heat and our sweat dripped pricelessly,

new faces moulded strong, rounded structures in my memory and starry glints pressed like diamonds into a contemplating eye,

the world rolled upside down and us with it.

Tuesday, Aug 23 @ 7-9pm

Masonic Temple // 1036 NE 8th St

$12-22, Ages 12+

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