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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Empress impressionist Ashley Grewe slices softly to draw-out the rapture from your opening immersion. Bringing her 1st set to Bend Ecstatic Dance with the fantasmical mythical swoop of a storied stork she delivers a living dream named Wings.

Say She,

“Wings is an invitation~

Like a trust fall with the Universe

Taking the leap

Speeding closer and closer to the ground

Only to realize

The initiation

Was both jumping off the cliff

And holding the faith

When you’re ten feet from the ground

And you haven’t grown your wings yet"

Join the Glorious birth of these songSoulSounds

Tuesday, 5/3/22

7-9pm at the MahSonicTemple 1036 NE 8th St.

Doors locked at 8pm

$12-22, ages 12+

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