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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Bend Ecstatic Dance goes outside at a stellar venue with an amazing DJ from portland, gracing our floors with flavorFilled beats from a master.

Tuesday, June 29th


61150 Cabin Ln, Bend, OR 97702

DJ ALoSo is a Latin PDX based DJ/Artist/ and community visionary. From NYC, and with many years living in Sedona AZ prior to Portland- ALoSo has always been tapped into his primordial tribal, and spiritually uplifting essence. He uses music as a medium to harmonize rhythm, balance, frequencies, and cultures by offering dance spaces that activate the inner tribal spirit within us all (tribALoSo) In the space of musical realms, his intentions are to uplift the spirit, and simultaneously ground the bodies of those dancing in providing them outer space tribal vibes. As within, so without- his sets are intended to elevate and transmute the energies of black and white by instead creating a spectrum of colorful and vibrant sounds for all to move to and enjoy.

$10-20 sliding scale: Cash, check, card, Venmo. This week is also a ***Community Fundraiser*** for creating this new space. We are so grateful for all who gifted their time and energy, and are opening up the space this week for any cash-money gifts to go towards this community collaboration. We highly encourage carpooling and there is a porta-potty on the land. Wear layers for your comfort level. It may be hot, it may cool off, and it will definitely be a bit dusty. Be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and nourished during the dance.

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