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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Dr Wiggles vibN up the spot this week!!

Tuesday, April 13th


At The MahSonic Temple

1036 NE 8th St

(Corner of 8th and Greenwood)

$10-20 sliding scale

Dr Wiggles’ Theme this week is:


The Dr. says,

Where are you “staying safe” in your internal and external worlds?  In what ways have you not been living your truth?  What happens if you decide to face your fears?  Fueled by the recent equinox and the fiery Aries season, this set is asking you to move beyond your comfort zone and to face adversity with courage and conviction - to explore the boundaries of your mind, body and heart as one triumphant group of FREE HUMANS.  This moment in time beckons to us all to meet our own precipice of discomfort, to find strength from our connection to the divine, and use that strength to stand in our power and truth for ourselves and our community.  To dance together is a revolutionary act in these times - so let us come together as brothers and sisters and be FEARLESS in our full expressions as sovereign beings.

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