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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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EmeryMoon resplendifies the floors this week.

Her dance is titled:

Reverse Rainbow Rumpus Radio && the Bright Black Bandit Brigade !!!

She waxes,

“♥️Levitate your heart rate ♥️ && make a sweat necklace whose kernels of ancient life-form will explode into chambers of gaudy, fleshed-up make believe; or invent your own energy cult that grows watermelon candy from the knuckles of your toes; become a flaming idol and a dream flower, become your own true love.

This week,

surf the channels of glamorous intergalactic alien static with some songs to melt your mind to. “

Bend Ecstatic Dance is every Monday


At Tula Movement Arts

2797 NW Clearwater Drive

Bend Or

$12-22 sliding scale

Ages 12+

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