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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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This Tuesday April 27th


MahSonic Temple 1036 NE 8th St

$10-20 Sliding Scale

Emery Moon in a distinctly desirous set delivers dashed prancing.

Her title is Crystal Monitor of Dancing Reflections

She Says,

“We Are

flying above the stories of yesteryear

landing on our tiptoes;


We Are

bravely wandering through secret gazes

gladly listening and embracing

there is no stranger in the arms of love

We Are

transforming into song

undressing keys with locks of curiosity

our crescendo is a swell of movement with the harmony to be;

we are remembering where the ground is.

We Are

changing meaning back into itself; growing color

there is no time or space or sound or light that knows itself better

than by the angle of our reflection

We Are inventing the magic of learning and believing

You are seen with exquisite grace; You are valued.

We Are celebrating our weaknesses by dancing

because there is no healing too heavy to carry where

We Are holding each other.”



Every Tuesday from 7:45-9:45 we vibe check this city with ou...
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