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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Travis from Living Roots travels to Bend Ecstatic Dance this week toting his arsenal of aural genius to light the height of your insight, to grab your personal history and tinderLike Left-swipe so as to rewrite the new you without shoes. A live show like no other, the depth, talent, inspiration, instruments and extra mics fulfill the room with more than boom; prepare to swoon in unforgettable imagination.

Drawing inspiration from all over the world, Universe and beyond, Living Roots opens the heart and soul to new rhythms, uplifting vibrations, tasty-fresh intuited ear experience recipes that may include didgeridoo, flute, and other ethnic ingredients.

Travis grew up in Oregon and found a passion for music and art early on. In second grade he started acting in plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where surrounded by artists, musicians and performers he got his first taste of live performance. Moving through life he fell in love with travelling, organic farming and music festivals. While living in Australia, he made his first instrument, a didgeridoo. Once he learned how to play the didge it was on! Over the last few years, he has picked up new instruments and found eclectic ways to mix them together with electronic music. His goal is to get everyone dancing and sharing a prayer of love and laughter as we beat our drums and stomp our feet to the same rhythm.









Bandcamp: https://livingroots.bandcamp.com

just like be there, like so be there

Tuesday, 4/19/22



1036 NE 8th St.

Doors locked at 8pm

$12-22, ages 12+

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