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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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This week we've got the awwww-inspiring and ahhhh-Mazing Amari bringing her second ever ecstatic dance adventure and journey to bless our ears and bodies. She's bringing a lot of heart and a lot of beats, to support our wonderWiggles this coming Monday.

She has this to say:

"Think of a time when you felt utterly brave, limitless & fully fearless. Go deep into your solar plexus & draw that feeling up into your heart. Hold that memory within you & come relish in those feelings on the dance floor where we’ll make it all come alive again. "

Bend Ecstatic Dance is every Monday

7:15-9:15pm @Tula Movement Arts

2797 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 100

$12-22, Ages 12+

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