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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Wildly excited for a chance to soulDance with a hometown hero, DJ Vibralocity returns to town with sprinkleJuiceSounds.

Vibralocity is the DJ/Producer moniker for Joshua Jacobs (formerly known as

the artist SinSay). To listen to a Vibralocity set is to be taken on a journey

through genres, moods, body movements, and cultures. You will hear

inspirations drawn from house and bass music, as well as funk, soul, disco, hip

hop, and so much more. There is no such thing as a 'typical' set from Vibralocity,

as he has a talent for freestyling his sets to match the vibe of the crowd.


Bend Ecstatic Dance is every Monday


At Tula Movement Arts

2797 NW Clearwater Drive

Bend Or

$12-22 sliding scale

Ages 12+


Every Tuesday from 7:45-9:45 we vibe check this city with ou...
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