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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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We're really excited to host DJ Fiddlehead for the 1st time, he's been lit putting this set together!


61150 Cabin Lane, Bend OR

$10-20 Sliding Scale Bring (lots of) Water! Our Dance Floor is amazing Foam mats under shade cloths, banks of speakers to immerse us in soundbaths. We've been gifted rolls of carpet to lay outside our dance floor to dampen dusts. Carpooling is encouraged to help with parking and the invention of friendships. ***If it's raining or smokey, we'll likely move to the Masonic Temple (1036 NE 8th St.)

This dance comes bearing the poetic inSpiraled poetry of Fiddlehead intentions: "Let us join together in a fellowship of sonic time-travel, embarking upon an epic quest throughout the magical realms. We are guided by our Ancestors, Spirit-guides, Animal familiars/Spirits, and all other magical beings of every mystical realm. Choose and meet your most beloved Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus, Unicorn, Faerie, Wizard, Elf or any other magical creature you wish to embody and call on as an ally and hold on tight, for this will most certainly be a powerful and transformational flight."

A bit about our music Wizard: Unfurling in the Fibonacci spiral of an early spring fern, deep in a mystical temperate rainforest, Fiddlehead emerges from the undergrowth with exotic frequencies from around the great Turtle Island. This particular dancing fern grows with a strong intention to provide healing and transformation through the potent medicina of music and dance. The complex layers and waves take us on a journey through the interwoven mycelial networks, deep into the core of Pachamama and the deepest oceans, to the streets of Berlin, out into the dense rainforests of the Amazon, to the vast deserts and highest peaks of the Andes, the Celtic highlands, Appalachians, Cascades, Sierras, and Misty Mountains of Middle-Earth. Fiddlehead's flow is inspired by a lifetime of deep connection to nature, ceramic art, teaching, ceremony, world travel, and a passionate study and full immersion in a plethora of musical genres since early childhood.

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