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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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This week we've got DJ Jai Dee, music-maker and sound-shaper and eDance facilitator from Ashland and Mt. Shasta.

Grounded in conscious movement, DJ Jai Dee holds an intentional space for deep dance practice. As he builds dance sets inspired by the 5Rhythms wave, you will move you though a crescendo of building rhythms, and a grounding of your practice through softening. The soundscape is inspired by the beauty of multicontinental culture. Tracks are always organic; with no artificial ingredients. Jai Dee brings meditative and spiritual flows, followed by fun, playful, international grooves and savasana stillness.

He has this to say about what he's bringing to our Beloved BxD:

“Just as there are a variety of reasons to dance in community, there are a variety of reasons to serve as a dance facilitator. As I hold community movement space for the joys, sorrows, and the whole range of emotional experiences that result in transformation and liberation, I experience my own process of personal growth and emotional expression. From my first free-form dance 15 years ago to the countless dances that I have facilitated in the last 13 years, I continue to be challenged and rewarded in holding sacred space and selecting enchanting music.”

$10-20 Sliding Scale Bring (lots of) Water! Our Dance Floor is amazing Foam mats under shade cloths, banks of speakers to immerse us in soundbaths. We've been gifted rolls of carpet to lay outside our dance floor to dampen dusts. Carpooling is encouraged to help with parking and the invention of friendships. ***If it's raining or smokey, we'll likely move to the Masonic Temple (1036 NE 8th St.)

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