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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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The inaugural dance eruption of gentle cataclysms at The Boys and Girls club begins this Tuesday with a set from EmeryMoon entitled:

Tenderly Glimmers The Diaphanous Heart

“And here you are.

Ancient emerald superpowers descend photon ladders into the shivering mirror of a moss softened pond where algae sighs a vaporous, shimmering perfume that blooms rich on hot air and mountains slope from rock toppled towers of royal totality: stones that have pounced through the valleys of eternity to adore this pearly, phosphorescent pool.

If woven from the quilt of another universe, amphibious creatures doze still naturally in the shallows, half-submerged and sparkling with nuclear starlight, bellies filled with rubies and mirth-colored opals. It is said when they cry, diamonds come.”

Bend Ecstatic Dance is this Tuesday


@ The Boys and Girls Club

500 NW Wall St, Bend

$15-25 sliding scale

Ages 12+


Every Tuesday from 7:45-9:45 we vibe check this city with ou...
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