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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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Emery is shining forth with a set called the JellyBeam Sunshine Medium which has marinated and bloomed from the roots of her Latin travels.

Her poetic shed goes,

“A jungle of boiling ocean casts baubles up the shore,

glistening, hovering, rainbow shrink-wrapped;

a fold of green pearls on sea-spit bellies that roll like you,

up, up,

under visions of clouds,

the wind twists it’s fingers through palm tree hair and pulls the fronds open and closed

their neon yellow scissor beaks

smuggle coconuts into wood”

Sure to be one of her finest craftings, we’ll have the most meaningful of muses

Tuesday, 4/12/22



1036 NE 8th St.

Doors locked at 8pm

$12-22, ages 12+

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