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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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The wonder continues this week with the awakened amazement of Amanda Carson sprinkling spirit sparks onto our emblazoned royal new dance floor.

Tuesday July 20th, 7-9pm

61150 Cabin Ln, Bend Or

$10-20 Sliding scale

Of this dance she says, "The rhythm of the drum is said to be the heart beat of the soul. A universal heart beat that we all share. This set is a tribute to that concept. So come, shake it all out. Lay it down on the floor, and rise up in love for yourself and our amazing human family"

$10-20 Sliding Scale Bring Water! Our Dance Floor is amazing Foam mats under shade cloths, banks of speakers to immerse us in soundbaths. We've been gifted rolls of carpet to lay outside our dance floor to dampen dusts. Carpooling is encouraged to help with parking and the invention of friendships.

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