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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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A summer-ed sigh burrs over us and hatches a KelceyLassen masterpiece. Her organic twirls and dance-spiced sets bring dynamizm of motion

Autumnal dream is the title and she says,

“After a summer of meanderings, we will find our way back to the essence of who we are and create our autumnal dreamscape on the dance floor. Weaving together a shawl of love, joy, and acceptance to keep us warm during these cooler nights. We will find that nothing is as difficult as it seems when we have our community by our side.

Within the set, there is an overarching theme of mountainous energy, representing strength, beauty and groundedness.

Groundedness invites us throughout this season to channel our ambition in more meaningful ways, what will that look like for you? 🍂”

Bring your own WATER

Bend Ecstatic Dance is this Tuesday


@ 1307 NE 1st St, Bend


Bend Hoops(Don’t put Bend Hoops into Google Maps, it takes you to the wrong address, Apple maps works, but safest just to put in the street address)

$15-25 sliding scale

Ages 12+


Every Tuesday from 7:45-9:45 we vibe check this city with ou...
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