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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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We got soothing fyre for the heat this week.

One of our state’s finest danceFloor curators squeezes the tune weave thru our feetsies.

Location: SlacroBats Compound

61150 Cabin Ln, Bend, OR 97702-9555, United States $10-20 Sliding Scale

We’re outdoors on foam floors

Sheena Medicina, whose real name is Christina Sasser, has been a lover of music and a dancer her entire life. She began exploring conscious movement since first discovering the work of Gabrielle Roth & the 5 Rhythms practice in her early twenties, and soon after found ecstatic dance and was hooked. She has spent well over a decade dancing along the west coast transformational festival scene and amongst Ecstatic Dance communities all over the globe, but her beloved home base is in the verdant land of Cascadia, where she has been growing a steady dancefloor following since 2017.

Musical Style:

Known for having a vast diversity of musical tastes, from sacred, to sexy, to silly, Sheena Medicina cooks up fresh mixes of uplifting soundscapes with hints of cumbia, twerk, bass, pop, psychedelic downtempo, tribal electronica, house, organic & world beats. While she aims to get people sweating and moving, her sets. have an organic energy that honors the ancient spiritual & healing ritual of humans dancing together in communion….but don’t be surprised to find exhilarating emotional twists & turns, plenty of sexy dripping bass lines, crowd pleasing booty shakers, remixed classics that everyone knows and loves, and always sprinkled with a transformational message of hope & resiliency, and a good dose of feminine medicine. ❤


Every Tuesday from 7:45-9:45 we vibe check this city with ou...
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