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Bend Ecstatic Dance

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This Monday is our last dance at Tula, we’ll take off a week and reEmerge on Tuesdays at BendHoops on 9/19 with a PumaSet, more info on the transition coming Soon.

To blastOff and outta Tula we’re celebrating with an EmeryMoon soundWave adventure called:

Rolling Through The Fractal Castle

Her sets are exquisite movement activation abductions and this is one of her finest

A poem from her inspiration runs…

“The sky is a blue, brilliant glass and birdcalls clash where the wind braids the reeds. We are a frog, a pebble, a pond melting in the lime with slivers of fish flickering freckles of colored underlight. Like jazz, delicate buffalo clouds purl over our mirror to touch their soft, silty depths and revel. There is fox panting in our shallows: giving birth, being born, dying; for if not rolling ecstatically through the infinite castle of story, what is life?”

Bend Ecstatic Dance is this Monday


At Tula Movement Arts

2797 NW Clearwater Drive

Bend Or

$12-22 sliding scale

Ages 12+

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